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Bigg Boss 16: Rs 25 lakh reduced from winner’s prize money on Shanivaar ka Vaar.

In a twist, the prize money of the show has been reduced by Rs 25 lakh. As a result of no eviction from the house of Bigg Boss this week.

Bigg Boss 16 Nov 5 Updates: Salman Khan returned to Bigg Boss 16 as the show’s host. In the most recent episode, Salman confronted the contestants about their recent behavior. Shiv and Priyanka get into a fight, and Ankit gets involved as well. Sonakshi Sinha and the rest of the Double XL cast appeared on the show to promote their new film. Sajid Khan was confronted by Salman and the other housemates for his lack of interest in the game. In an unexpected turn of events, the winner’s prize money has been reduced by Rs 25 lakh. Find out what happened in the most recent Bigg Boss episode.

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