Boney Kapoor Recalls Great Memories From The Sets Of ‘Mr. India’.

Boney Kapoor recalls the success of his film ‘Mr. India,’ which starred Anil Kapoor and Sridevi in lead roles. It became the second highest-grossing film of 1987, thanks to the iconic dialogue ‘Mogambo Khush Hua,’ which is still remembered by the public today.

The story of a poor street violinist and philanthropist who suddenly receives a watch or cloaking device and becomes invisible after wearing it on his wrist was the most intriguing aspect of the film.

Boney shares some interesting behind-the-scenes moments from the film’s production during a time when no VFX facilities were available.

“No shots were shot during post-production in ‘Mr. India’ film. Everything you see in the film was shot on film. We had a fantastic team led by Anup Patil, who was extremely knowledgeable and did extensive research and development. For example, the Hanuman sequence was entirely shot manually on camera because I was not a fan of post-production special effects at the time and wanted to avoid them as much as possible. So it took us about 380 days to complete the film. The song ‘Kate nahin kat te’ took 21 days to film.”

In an interview with Kapil Sharma, he explains why it took 21 days to film just one song.

“We had prepared a red set model for ‘Kate Nahin Katte,’ and it was decided that the song would only feature Sri. However, after the recording, Anil requested that he be included in the song. It was going to be a huge hit. So, at the last minute, we added the red glass house and red mirrors to cleverly depict Anil singing the song. We also built another glass house on a different floor to get the perfect lighting.”

“A wind machine was used for theĀ first time to keep Sri’s hair and saree flowing properly. Although there was no visible skin, the choreography and music made the song sensual and created a vibe for the entire generation. Everything from the lighting to the props and setups would take time to complete this masterpiece. Also, Sri was sick for 2-3 days during the shoot but still shot the song despite having a fever “Boney also appeared on the comedy-based reality show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ with his daughter Jahnvi Kapoor to promote ‘Mili.’

Sony Entertainment Television broadcasts ‘The Kapil Sharma Show.’




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